As an interaction designer, I have been focusing my work on the possibility of body gestures. This experience made me think about how people were coming out of their comfort zones and posing, moving, and gesturing in ways they usually would not when watching a performance or installation. It also gave me ideas about the next steps of my Rainmaking on Mars installation. To have performers show the audience first some possibilities of the sensors and what they can do, how to use them, then inviting them to be creative on their own. This is very effective in getting people to interact. So I think collaborating with performers to use my rainmaking instrument and then allowing people to play with it would be a more interesting experience.

SynapSense is simple in its execution and doesn’t require too much complex understanding, however it was one of the most interactive pieces from Ars Electronica. It succeeded in heightening body awareness, and was highly explorative. As an interaction designer, I enjoy getting the audience’s involvement to communicate the concept through exploration and eventually the possibility of letting the audience control the their own personal experience with the piece.



The first project I want to write about was Listening Post, located on the roof top of the Post-City, It was a change to experience a beautiful vibe from the sound art installation. This project really showed me how simply we can create an experience and a participant can walk around observing the surrounding environment, able to manage their own experience through an installation. I find that it always excites me when I see an installation like this that creates an experience leading me to think about what I want to