embroidery by monica c. locascio, 2019

for the embrecord series, locascio employs the repetitive micro-movements of embroidery, a craft steeped in the traditions of storytelling, as a means of examining the processes with which the human experience can be recorded in relation to time, memory, space and perception. the stitching pattern is based on her understanding of the thermodynamics and non-linearity of time. thread color and length are determined by both requested external suggestion as well by her own synesthetic translations of the events she is recording. the composition at large is also not predetermined. rather, a shape is intuitively and spontaneously embroidered that speaks to the intensity, story arch and timeframe of the event in question. the end result is an abstract color field which can be read by the artist like a diary. »embrecord 3« is an autobiographical record of events from december 2018 to february of 2019.

»embrecord3« as it was presented at the data loam exhibition. photo by ulrich dertschei

the backside of the embroidery was made visible with a round mirror. photo by marina rebhandl

monica c. locascio is a multi-media artist-researcher focusing on questions of resonance, connection, and interference, particularly within and between bodies. her work is inspired by such topics as biophotonics, somatic therapy, and quantum theory, to memory, non-linear time, and geometric principles. unattached to a particular medium, she uses research techniques to inform her explorations of form.

cover image by ivonne gracia
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