mixed media presentation by maximilian gallo, monica c. locascio, istem özen and ivonne gracia, 2019

data loam tackles new ways of organizing information, therefore it was necessary that the sister publication do the same. in the pursuit of going beyond the conventional while allowing function to dictate form, this ever-evolving form emerged: a book that cannot be closed and carried, has no beginning or an end, inspired by both traditional design tropes as well as a spider web. the book sews around itself, over and over, with new conjunctions constantly appearing and dissolving, inviting the reader to follow different paths and create their own adventure which is forever breathing and evolving.

close up of the the cylindrical prototype of an endless book. photo by marina rebhandl

the display containing the cylindrical book prototype, as well as the methods, data points, and processes used to determine the design structure of the exhibition’s sister publication was first presented at the data loam exhibition and later shown at the fanzineist vienna art book & zine fair.

the book prototype as it was presented at the data loam exhibition. photo by ulrich dertschei

play with this “skeleton” and read through how the final structure will come together. notice how it is mostly hand-made in this digital-heavy age. observe the peripheral materials that drive the “silk for the web”. make it your own, just like the loam.

cover photo by marina rebhandl