mixed media on canvas by mauricio suarez

in the age of information and datobesity, fake news and other stories are very used in our daily life. in this work of art i want to show the space and how it allows the apparition of information in any kind or forms making an absurd collage about not related things but telling a story though. fake or true the viewer´s brain only decides or not which information to choose to do his own narrative. a poem surrounds the canvas “paysage digital – paysage virtuel – incompréhensible – maintenant visible – on cherche – infini – 1000000000000(…)000 – des résultats apparaisent – algorithme!- vérité du peuple et du fric- cerveau le sens toi seul tu donnes – fait à vienne par maurice ernst” (digital landscape – virtual landscape – incomprehensible – now visible – we search – infinite – 1000000000000 (…) 000 – results appear – algorithm! – truth of the people and money – brain the meaning you only give – made in vienna by maurice ernst)