For 20 years now, the Orphan Film Symposium has been dedicated to the “orphans” of film history: all manner of films outside of the commercial mainstream such as industrial films, amateur productions and film fragments, as well as the artistic restitution of these forms. Scholars, archivists, curators, and artists will explore a variety of neglected films related to diverse forms of radical style, practice, and politics. What examples of radical filmmaking are there to be discovered? How have various stripes of radical politics been represented or documented on screen? How are radical new practices and ideas in archiving and preservation challenging traditional approaches?

The orphans of film history make the Film Museum their home from June 6 to 8, 2019 during a special edition of the Orphan Film Symposium in our cinema. In cooperation with the New York University / Tisch School of Arts, we focus on radicals: from radical politics in film documents to various forms of radical film practice, we will consider different ways of archiving and sharing film works with the public.