The following days I returned three times, twice by chance because the talks I picked out from the Ars Electronica program were coincidently taking place there. The first was Blockchain 101. I am still quite a ways from fully grasping the economic implications of blockchain but I can fully envision how a decentralised technology could revolutionise concepts like value, ownership and knowledge. RIAT’s research is dedicated to imagining such futures using design fiction (sounds familiar?). In fact, they collaborate with the RCA and the University of Arts in Berlin amongst others on a number of projects. Terra0, for example, is an art project that imagines a self-utilising augmented forest. The idea of self-utilisation stems from the concept that an object’s value depends on how useful it is to third parties. However, if an ecosystem can be considered useful to itself this implies it can generate its own value, and, using technologies like blockchain (because it enables non-human actors to administer capital), could eventually buy itself, freeing itself from third party interests. This explanation is largely simplified but the consideration is compelling for anyone who is interested in power structures and sustainability.