performance by Anna Nazov, 2019

Anna Nazov is a London based performance artist, poet, techno-futurist, phd researcher, working at the intersection of art, science, philosophy and technology, with particular focus on brainwaves, AI, robotics (drones) and new materialities. within live digital-physical performance hery work addresses questions of artificial or ana-radical forms of intelligence and liveness in relation to quantum ghost-ing (nonconscious cognition) and the problem of the supra-sensuousness; that is, something that goes beyond our perceptive apparatus but is a significant part of the world we inhabit.

Anna Nazov during her live performance the data loam exhibition opening. photo by Anna Nazov

her live performance »fractal lymph« which has been part of the data loam exhibition opening includes a spoken word/poetry that anna co-wrote with AI [humint-AI psychological-sensuous feedback loops], brainwave performance (CGI generated live from artist’s EEG data), and a drone performance.

cover photo by ivonne gracia